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A crystal clear, odorless oil for lubricating, polishing, cleaning and preventing rust. NyOil stands the test of time. Formulated nearly 100 years ago, it remains the most highly refined oil ever produced.


NyOil works great on roller blades, fitness equipment, bicycles, squeaky door hinges, locks, playground toys, garden tools, firearms, hand tools, appliances, power tools, knives, fishing reels, camping equipment, and much more! For general-purpose lubrication - in the home, office, workshop, garage, and out in the field - you'll find thousands of ways to use NyOil, the lubricant that's proven itself for 100 years.

Just a few of the many testimonials we have received

"I was ready to take my bike to the junk yard before discovering NyOil. With a little NyOil on the chain, gears and cables, the bike now operates like it was off the show room."
Joe Limmina, Wilmington, DE

"A carpenter by trade, I use NyOil on all of my hand tools, air tools and power miter box with great results."
Robert Pollock, Woodland Park, CO

"I have used NyOil for about 15 years, and have used it time and time again on many tools. ... More often than not, one drop of NyOil has always been more than enough."
Joseph Alper, Lake Worth, FL

"After 50+ years in the lumber, lobster, and fishing business, in all kinds of weather: 40°F below to 110°F in the summer: NyOil has proved itself in all climatic conditions. From rugged coastal storms to North Woods blizzards!"
John Salar, Manchester, ME

"NyOil made my gritty guns run like champs. Is it a miracle lube? I'm not sure, but it did a great job and I'll continue to use it for my guns. Absolutely."
Roy Huntington, Guns Magazine, July 1999

"No other lubricant on the market compares to NyOil. I have introduced NyOil to many other shooters on the circuit. They too have nothing but praise for NyOil. NyOil will be the only lubricant for my gun collection."
Jeff Lay, 1998 NASC Cabela's Shooter of the Year

"I tested NyOil by putting a thin coat on a bare metal barrel. I left it outside in the rain for one week. No rust was found on the treated areas! I also like the idea of having an odorless lubricant. You don't want to smell like a gas station when in the wild!"
Roman "Dead-Eye" Dodson, North Hills, CA

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