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Damping Grease Kit

What are damping greases?

Damping greases are specialty lubricants. They reduce wear and seal out dust and moisture like tradional greases, but their primary function is to control motion and noise in mechanical and electromechanical devices. For example, the "velvet feel," silent operation, and the fact that lenses doesn't coast are all the work of damping greases on the focusing threads of binoculars, zoom lenses, and other optical instruments. The Fluorocarbon Gel 868 damping grease series is a new family of PTFE-thickened damping greases developed by Nye for high-shear, metal-on-metal components that have to operate smoothly and quietly for extended periods.

Nye Damping Grease Kit

This kit comes in a sturdy plastic carrying and storage case and includes five basic grades of Nye Fluorocarbon Gel 868 Damping Greases, ranging from a light viscosity Fluorocarbon Gel 868VL to a heavy viscosity Fluorocarbon Gel 868VH, each packaged in a 10cc plastic syringe. Also included are an ergonomically designed plunger and five twist-on stainless steel tips, along with product literature, technical data sheets and MSDS. The kit is an excellent tool for testing and trying various grades without having to purchase them individually. This kit sells for $89.95 (If you were to purchase each syringe separately, you would pay over $200.)

Damping greases are commonly used in:

Product"Feel" (Texture, color)Service Temp. RangePenetration (worked 60x)Oil Separation (24hrs @ 100°C)Evaporation (24hrs @ 100°C)
Fluorocarbon Gel 868VLUltra Light (Smooth, Off White)-45°C to 125°C289<0.17%0.3%
Fluorocarbon Gel 868LVery Light (Smooth, Off White)-40°C to 125°C295<1.03%0.2%
Fluorocarbon Gel 868Light (Smooth, Off White)-40°C to 125°C277<0.0%0.2%
Fluorocarbon Gel 868HMedium (Smooth, Off White)-30°C to 125°C265<0.0%0.2%
Fluorocarbon Gel 868VHHeavy (Smooth, Off White)-20°C to 125°C242 (unworked)<0.0%0.2%

Camera, microscope, surveying instruments, telescope, and stereo repair shops around the world have been overly impressed with this superior kit. Here is what they are saying:

"Thank you very much for your Damping Grease Kit. We lost no time at all in testing each lubrication. We were impressed! Many Thanks."
Chuck Bertone, Camera Repair Professor Spokane Falls Community College

"As a professional camera repairman for over 27 years, I have used Nye products for years because of their consistent and excellent quality. The Damping Grease Kit is a great and affordable tool. I heartily recommend this kit as a terrific addition to the toolbox of anyone who is involved with precision mechanics."
Frank Marshman, Owner, Camera Wiz Camera Repair

Damping Grease Kit
Price: $99.95
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